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How can I fix a dry socket at home?

After a tooth extraction, I got a dry socket. How can I treat it?

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Use mouth wash (Normal Saline) or salt & water .But I recommend you to go to the Dental Office to put some kind of medication on it.
I don’t believe one can treat it at home
If you have dry socket your dentist will likely want to see you in person to assess the site for infection, but in rare instances where you can not make it in to the office you can try to re-establish a new blood clot yourself. It is important to only disrupt the site with a clean object, you only need to creat a minimal amount of bleeding. If your dentist has given you sterile gauze you should apply pressure once the site has begun bleeding. If you are not experiencing any pain you do not need to disrupt the site at all, just keep the socket free of food debris.
It will heal on its own, though it takes about 3-5 days. To expedite the healing, I'm not sure you can do it on yourself or without the assistance of someone trained. You have to scrape and irritate the site to induce bleeding for a clot to form so the area can start to heal. Usually you pack it with a sterile bandage coated with a healing ointment containing eugenol. Then you need to not smoke, drink extremely hot/cod, or irritate the area for at least a week.
Hope that helps.

Jaby Paul

You probably can’t fix it at home other than keeping the extraction site as clean as possible. You need to see a dentist.

Scott M. Dubowsky, DMD