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How can I stop receding gums?

I have receding gums. How can I stop receding gums?

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There are many ways to prevent gum recession. A very important one is brushing with a soft toothbrush in gentle, circular motions. This will prevent damage to already recessed or thin areas. Desensitizing toothpastes can also reduce sensitivity and protect exposed roots.
To stop gum recession:

Practice good oral hygiene.
Use a soft toothbrush and gentle technique.
Floss daily.
See your dentist regularly.
Avoid tobacco.
Seek professional treatment if needed.
Receding gums is a big issue that affect millions. The number one thing someone can do to help protect their own gums is use an electric toothbrush. It sounds simple, and it is- Using a manual, toothbrush if brushing incorrectly can strip your gums. I like the Oral-B electric toothbrush, the best. Using an electric toothbrush properly is another discussion which we are always happy to have with our patients. The second best preventive item to choose to help prevent recession is to use a properly made hard upper occlusal guard nightly. This protects all the teeth so that all the back teeth support each other as one unit so to speak and there is a mutually protective, occlusion or bite. Said another way, the occlusal guard is made basically to have the best orthodontic result. We spend a lot of time chasing recession with sealants, fillings, and other medicaments that you will do yourself a huge favor by choosing these easily obtainable preventive choices.
Recession has several causes : 1) Periodontal (Gum ) Disease 2) ill proper tooth brushing 3) aging process Unfortunately , since I do not know the cause of your recession , unable to give a suitable solution . What I can tell you is that the tissue will not grow back , but you may be able to prevent continual recession my addressing : any Periodontal Disease, correcting improper tooth brushing, butaging is aging .