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How can I treat my 2 year olds bronchitis at home?

My 2 year old has a mild case of bronchitis. How can I treat my 2 year olds bronchitis at home?

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The first question to ask is: Should he be seen, or can I take care of this at home? If s/he is eating well, little to no fever, playing about as much as usual and, most important, has no respiratory distress (trouble breathing/wheezing), then make sure s/he gets enough fluids and use a vaporizer in their room at night. If you have any questions about his condition, at least make a telemedicine appointment with a healthcare provider.
Bronchitis in children is a diagnosis that is either due to asthma or a viral infection. It is due to a bacterial infection very rarely. Antibiotics are of no use except in rare cases. Therefore, if this is asthma, then asthma medications are needed. If this is not asthma, then there is no specific treatment and simply observe, give fluids, and keep comfortable. For breathing difficulties, you will need to bring your child to the Emergency Department at a local hospital.

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