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How do you deal with contact lens pain?

I have only been wearing contacts for 1 month but sometimes they really hurt. How do you deal with contact lens pain?

5 Answers

Your lenses should not be painful. Please, go in to be seen.
Stop wearing them, sign of danger
Contact lenses work because when fitted well, they are pain free. Yours are either too tight not allowing proper lubrication of tears for the lens to float upon, or there is some pathology of the cornea (the clear window at the front of the eye upon which the lenses reside). You could have an abnormal cornea or an on-going disease that needs to be treated or too low a tear flow to support a lens properly.  You could go back to the initial person who fit the lens to address these issues or perhaps seek a second opinion with an ophthalmologist who is a more comprehensive physician who can understand and help you.
You can use blink for contacts for keeping them lubricated. Don’t sleep in contacts. Make sure they fit well.
You should visit your doctor for an evaluation to determine why the contact lenses are not comfortable.