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How do you prevent arrhythmia naturally?

I get arrhythmias too often. I want to prevent them. How do you prevent arrhythmia naturally?

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It's important to know the type of arrhythmia and the underlying cause. Treating the underlying cause is essential. In general, you can reduce the risk of arrhythmia by living a heart-healthy life.
Dear Patient,

Before any clinician would be able to help, we would need to know your whole medical , mediation, lifestyle, social and dietary history from birth. There are many etiologies for your issue and it would be unwise for anyone to suggest therapies of any kind until you were worked up.


Mark Roby, ND,PA-C

I want to share basic prevention to care for the heart with the caveat - this does not replace personal medical care, work up and treatment. Can you treat effectively something you are not fully certain of what it is, or what is causing it? I think, no. I highly encourage making sure you are receiving guidance from your healthcare team, and not doing this alone. None of us should. It is not smart. We are too subjective in our own care. It's like rock climbing - we need a belay. Back to prevention - effective tools for stress management (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual practice); biofeedback and strengthening heart rate variability; no caffeine, alcohol or smoking; a diet clean of underlying food sensitivities, sugars, processed foods, chemicals, industrial oils; lowering your toxic burden; exploring genetics and family history further; getting regular movement and time outside. Again, these are prevention, not necessarily treatment.