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How do you reduce swelling after ankle dislocation?

I am a 35 year old male. I want to know how do you reduce swelling after ankle dislocation?

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Elevation, ice, and rest is best way to reduce inflammation. Be sure that ankle dislocation is treated appropriately by seeing an orthopedist.
Any time you have an injury, the first steps are RICE therapy (Rest Ice Compression and Elevation). Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication may be used for pain and swelling. Steroids may be used in some cases. But you may require an MRI to evaluate the tendons and ligaments surrounding the ankle joint to insure they are not torn or permanently damaged in some way, which may require surgical intervention to repair.
Ice, ibuprofen, topical pain creams are the usual ways to decrease inflammation swelling and pain post injury
Ice, immobilization, elevation, and seek medical advice.
Swelling can be reduced with rest, ice and elevation after any injury. Limiting time on the foot will also help, but the swelling will likely take months to fully resolve. There is a possibility you have swelling from time to time even after full recovery. I recommend you discuss with your foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for your particular case
I am assuming you were diagnosed by an orthopedist because you said it was dislocated. I would have you ask your doctor that diagnosed it. Some general advice is elevation proper immobilization. Again, there can be differences in dislocations so the best advice is to ask the orthopedist that diagnosed your dislocation.

You can try a soft neoprene type brace. Until healing is complete you will probably experience swelling
Rest, elevation, ice and compression (RICE). The best way to ice is to put ice into a bucket half full and then fill the bucket with water and submerge your foot in the ice bucket. The first two minutes hurt but after that, it will get numb and keep it in for no longer than 15-20 minutes.
You need to check with your treating physician as they would know the cause
If it was recent want to do elevation, elevating the foot and ankle above heart level a few times a day is going to help the swelling the most. Can ice as well. Also ibuprofen or advil is a good anti-inflammatory that can help. But elevating is the best thing. If it was a few months ago can try a compression sock of 15-20mmHg to help with the swelling.