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How do you treat a pit and fissure cavity?

I have a pit and fissure cavity. I want to treat it. How do you treat a pit and fissure cavity?

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Many times using a tiny drill, place a small filling, and cover the non affected area with a sealant.
If the caries has not penetrated the dentin of the tooth, I use a tiny dental bur called a "fissurotomy" to open up the fissure and remove all the decay in a very conservative manner, then it is sealed up with a flowable composite containing fluoride. If it has penetrated to the dentin, more aggressive treatment is indicated requiring an actual restoration or "filling." If this is a recurring problem, your dentist can prescribe an extra-strength fluoride gel to use.

Dr. Conrad
Decay needs to be removed. That can be done with a "drill," a laser, or a Tony "sand blaster." Numbing may be recommended.
Make sure it is truly decay and not stain. If so, a very shallow filling should be done.
A little and/or fissure cavity can be treated by a dentist by using a dental hand piece and bur to remove all the soft parts of the tooth affected. Then a filling the open space with an appropriate material.

Dana Truesdale, DDS