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How do you treat internal hemorrhoids?

I was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids. Is it serious? How do you treat internal hemorrhoids?

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It all depends on if you have any symptoms and how extensive the hemorrhoids are. Mild to moderate hemorrhoids with minimal or no symptoms are treated by preventing the progression of hemorrhoids. Avoid constipation or hard stools by using fiber supplements or significantly increasing fiber content in your diet as well as keeping well hydrated. Moderate to severe hemorrhoids with symptoms are usually managed surgically. Discuss it with your PCP and if needed, get a referral to a general surgeon or colorectal surgeon in your area.
Medical, banding, or surgery.
The first steps to treatment are to avoid constipation and starting a good bowel regimen. Stool softeners and laxatives are important. If your hemorrhoids persist and are small, they can sometimes be treated by a colorectal surgeon in the office with banding. If they are larger, they may require excision during a surgical procedure.
Change your diet to include roughage. Consult GI. Start organic green Mediterranean diet with 1,500 ml of liquid probiotic, Good Belly brand daily.