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How does a crown work on a front tooth?

I am a 37 year old female. I want to know how does a crown work on a front tooth?

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Pretty much just like a crown on a back tooth.

The tooth is prepared just like in any other crown procedure. Reduction of the tooth is done to allow for appropriate thickness of the prosthetic restoration and to allow for realigning the tooth if necessary. Shade matching is the tough part when one single front tooth needs to be done. Make sure your dentist has a good laboratory to make the crown match the other front teeth. You may need to go to the dental laboratory to match the shade and characteristics of the neighboring teeth. Usually, the tooth is prepared on the first visit and an impression taken and a temporary crown made and placed that day. Then the crown is installed at a subsequent visit, typically a few weeks later.
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Dr. Farr
Crown work is wonderful for broken, discolored, non-vital teeth. They look and feel like a natural tooth.