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How long after an eye infection can you wear contacts?

I am a 27 year old male. I want to know how long after an eye infection can you wear contacts?

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Best to wait for one to two weeks. Use clean new lenses, disposable, one use and throw.
This can vary - sometimes 2 weeks, sometimes 1 month - it can depend on the type of infection you were diagnosed with by your ophthalmologist. Generally it is safer to wait than go by feeling or combine your contacts with your eye medication. When in doubt, contact your provider. Ultimately, the longer you wait and ensure all medications are taken as directed, the better your outcome. Be sure to have a back up pair of glasses - even a budget pair for emergencies for times just like this are a must. Your eyes will thank you!
Usually about 3-4 weeks .
You should resume wearing your contact lenses when the infection is completely resolved. After a careful examination, your doctor will indicate when the right time is for you.