Orthopedist Questions Hip Replacement Surgery

How long does a ball socket surgery take to heal?

My mother has been operated for a ball socket replacement in her hip. It has been about 6 months, but she still is limping. Is that normal?

9 Answers

No its not. If her limp is painful something may be wrong. Have the Orthopedic Doctor look at it.
I wouldn't say it is normal but it is possible depending on the surgery done and her physical therapy course after surgery. An abductur lurch is a possibility, Her surgeon can go further in details in evaluating the cause of the limp.
Limping Can Be Expected for up to One Year and Is Normal. Her Pain Level However Should Be Progressively Declining.
No, she should be pain free by now. Better have it checked out.
Look to hip abductors. May be muscle atrophy in ABductors. MRI would make the diagnosis. Will need directed physical therapy. Be sure there is no nerve damage or subtle infection. Check the X rays to determine if equal leg length was restored. Be sure that the implanted ball is not too big for the socket

Richard E Grant MD
It depends which ball and socket surgery. A shoulder or hip. It also depends what type of surgery os being performed, whether it is for a fracture or for arthritis.
It's a bit long. Check with your doc. Probably needs another X-ray.
It could be depending on why she had the replacement. She may just need more PT or there could be a leg length discrepancy, causing a limp.
It will take some time for the area to heal. Sometimes the patient may develop arthritis, which may cause limping as well.