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How long do denture sores take to heal?

I have denture sores and want to treat them. How long do denture sores take to heal?

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From one to two weeks.
You have to eliminate the cause of the denture sores .If it is mechanical
trauma it has to be eliminated then the sore heals faster .The time frame
also depends on the size of the sore.. On average it may take a week or
more , if it is deep and big.
It depends on how bad they are, how well the adjustment to the denture was made and the healing capacity of the patient.
If you have a newly made denture recently and you developed a sore area. It is important that you go back to your dentist for a follow up visit. During this follow up visit, you dentist will make appropriate adjustment on your newly fabricated denture so that your sore spot(s) will goes away. It usually it take a few days for the soreness to heal. However, If you have a developed sore sport(s) from denture that was made over 5 to 10 years ago, It is probably about time that you need a new denture. This is true especially if it is a full denture. The average life span of a denture is about 5- 10 years. In some unusual circumstance, it might even last beyond 10 years, depending on how you take care you the denture, and depending on your health. Our body our bone constantly change over time, so does our jaw bone. For a fully edentulous jaw bone, its morphology changes over time. Therefore , a full denture made over 5- 10 years ago will usually became loose because our jaw bone changes. Hope that answer your question! Best Regard, Dr. Chin