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How long do teeth hurt after scaling?

I had a scaling yesterday. It hurts bad. How long do teeth hurt after scaling?

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It should be sore for couple days only then slowly it goes back to normal .
Depends on:

1. How much gum recession do you have?
2. What types of food are in your diet?
3. Different hygienists have different hand skills.
4. Hand scaling vs. cavitron vs. piezo vs. airflow.

The root surface is more sensitive than enamel; the more exposed the root surface, the more sensitivity and pain you will experience. Avoid acidic food groups, such as wine, limes, lemons, and citrus. Any food with a pH of less than 6.5 can cause sensitivity and pain, however, the lower the pH, the worse it will be. Some hygienists may be more heavy handed than others. Air flow therapy by Hu-Friedy can soften the hard calculus, making it easier to remove, therefore less trauma to the root surface and less pain.
1 day
Scaling and root planing is a mechanical debridement of the tooth surface as well as the removal of affected gum tissue in the area where the bacteria has had time to inflame and irritate. The sensations you are feeling will follow your healing phase. Typically, if able, taking an anti-inflammatory regiment such as Tylenol and Advil will help expedite the healing/painful stage. Depending on your cleaning habits and detail to care of the area, you should see comfort with 7-10 days.
If it hurts at all it is usually only for a few days.
The length of healing time after scaling depends on the severity of periodontal disease. Some cases are slight others are severe, Ibuprofen is a great anti inflammatory and warm salt water rinses help too. Even though you are sore the cleaner you can keep things the faster they will heal, a Waterpik is a great tool for someone fighting periodontal disease, just start on a low setting until it is more comfortable.
Should be a day or two.
It depends on the amount of the bone loss and the amount of calculus that was removed. Give it about 2 weeks and meanwhile you can do warm saline rinses for the healing of gums. If you still have symptoms after 2 weeks, you should contact the dental office where you had the deep cleaning done.
There can be discomfort after scaling. There are many OTC options to control the discomfort. Severe pain for days following the procedure is not common, and could indicate a problem.

The gum might be sore for about 7-10 days following scaling and root planing (deep cleaning). Scaling and root planing is an invasive procedure and it is natural for the gum to be sore for a short period, but after that the gum starts to heal toward a healthy condition. You can discuss with your dentist regarding pain medication while the gum is healing.

Dr. Norouzi
I am sorry about how you feel after the treatment. Usually scaling makes your teeth sensitive and soreness might last for a day or two. For sensitivity you can use any kind of sensitivity toothpaste on your teeth. Leave the toothpaste on the teeth for seven to eight minutes and then brush. Try doing it twice or thrice a day. This will definitely reduce your sensitivity. Please provide feedback if it works for you.
Thank you for your question and trust in me
Your teeth and gums may be more sensitive for 2-3 days after a deep cleaning. I recommend a warm salt water rinse, and if not medically contraindicated, taking some ibuprofen or tylenol as needed.