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How long does a root planing and scaling take?

I will have a root planing and scaling. How long does a root planing and scaling take?

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One hour per side.
Hello! It depends on the hygienist or doctor doing it. Typically it done in quadrants if the entire mouth is needing treated. I guess an average would be 30 minutes per quadrant. Again this varies on the severity of the periodontal condition. More advanced cases take an hour per quadrant. 4 quadrants are in the mouth. Upper right, Upper Left etc.
Dr. J
RPC (Root Planing and Scaling) signifies Non Surgical Periodontal treatment (lots of tarter and inflammation) Treatment depends on the severity of the case (1 quadrant at a time = 4 appointments; Half mouth = 2 appointments etc.) This requires anesthetic and are a little longer and involved procedures than regular cleanings.
It depends on how advance is your condition.and how much build up you have. On average, 1 hour to 2 hours.
Appointment time depends on how many quarters will be done on the one sitting, how deep are your pockets, and how much calculus/debris is on your teeth.
For half of your mouth, it should take about 1.5 hours. You will have two appointments like this to complete the deep cleaning.