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How long does it take to put a crown on an implant?

I am a 33 year old male. I want to know how long does it take to put a crown on an implant?

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4-6months usually
2 hours from start to finish if done with digital dentistry
Takes me 30-50 minutes, typically
Each type of implant has a specific amount of time needed to actually lock into the bone. This is also dependent upon where in the mouth that the implant is actually placed (upper vs lower jaw, etc). It may seem like a long time, but it is made in order that healing would be complete and the new implant will feel sturdy and be healthy. It will be worth it.
Typically less than an hour.
It takes two appointments. About 30-40 minutes for each one. At the first appointment, they will remove the healing abutment (the cover screw over the implant cylinder) from the implant and place a scan body (most ideal for a digital impression) or an impression post. They will take the impression and once that is complete they will replace the scan body or impression
post with the healing abutment. They will pick out a shade and then send you home. About 2 weeks later, you return to the office where they will remove the healing abutment, and if it is a screw retained implant (most ideal), they will adjust contacts and screw in the implant crown. Adjust the bite and then place a resin filling over the top and you are complete. The other way is to screw in the implant abutment to the implant and then the steps are just like a regular crown where they try it in, adjust the bite and once it fits great they use a dental cement to glue the implant crown to the implant abutment. Give it about 30 minutes and then put your new tooth to use!

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Robb A. Warren, D.D.S.
In my practice, we wait 3 months to place a crown on top of the implant.