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How do I know if my retainers are loose?

I am a 17 year old female and I wear retainers. How do I know if my retainers are loose?

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If you speak with them and they dislodge you may want to see your dentist/ orthodontist.
You could ask the dentist who made the retainers to check the fit. They should not wobble or fall out.
If they’re loose that means that you need to get them readjusted at your dentist office. The sooner the better!
Do they fall out when you sneeze (or something like that)? If they are not snug and seem to befalling out while talking, they're probably too loose.
They should feel the same now as the day that the orthodontist gave them to you. If they feel tighter, that can be a sign that your teeth have shifted and the retainers no longer fit well. It would be unusual for them to get looser with time. The best option would be to follow up with your orthodontist to see if the retainers need to be remade.

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