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How long will a tooth hurt after being hit?

I am a 23 year old male. I want to know how long will a tooth hurt after being hit?

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That all depends on the health of the tooth and how hard it was hit. You will need an xray and an examination.
Maximum 24-48 hours, after that if you are still in pain your nerve might be permanently damaged. You should see a dentist.
A myriad of factors contribute to a tooth hurting after trauma. If the tooth was broken to the nerve, then it could hurt until a root canal is done on that tooth. If the tooth was just hit hard, but not broken, it could take up to six weeks for the ligament to heal.

It depends on how the tooth was hurt. If it is fractured either the crown (which is the part of the tooth that is inside the mouth) or the root, which is the part in the bone. If the pain is consistent for more than an hour, you need to see a dentist to take an X-ray.
Pain is nature's warning sign that something is wrong. If you are having tooth pain, it is important that you see your dentist right away to access the cause and severity of the problem, and find the best options to handle the situation before things get worse.

It all depends and the severity of the injury. If the tooth progressively becomes more sensitive or painful, the nerve may be dying. If the tooth is starting to feel better, you may still not be out of the woods, but that is a good sign. An injury not impacting the nerve can take up to a few months to heal.