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How long will acupuncture pain relief last?

I want to get acupuncture for my neck pain. How long will the acupuncture pain relief last?

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It really varies depending on a few things. First, how extensive is the damage? Secondly, are you currently getting any sort or treatment for this?? Chiropractic, PT, etc? Thirdly, have you had any surgeries or procedures done on this area in the past? And lastly, yes, acupuncture can help with pain but to what extent depends on lifestyle factors. For example, what you do for work and recreation will affect outcomes. Do you stand or sit all day? Do you engage in high intensity workouts and do you wear supportive gear to do so? Do you wear supportive shoes while on your feet? Are you carrying any extra weight that might be pulling on your spine? Have you had any tests or X-rays to determine what the neck pain is caused by in the first place? If it's nerve related, it may respond differently than if it is muscle or bone related and therefore may require the advice of a specialist. So there is no hard and fast answer to your question. I hope this helps. Good luck!
Acupuncture is always a process and not an event. So one acupuncture treatment generally does not correct any issue including pain. Acupuncture treatment is basically the same process as taking a pill, one pill one time does not successfully treat any condition. The acupuncture process is a relief, correction then maintenance. RELIEF: (improvement) should be within 1-3 sessions. CORRECTION: (a prolonged improvement) is generally within 6 to 10 treatments (depending on the chronic status of the condition or underlying causes of the condition). MAINTENANCE: (unless there is an ongoing underlying issue or new or returning problems) generally maintenance means to come twice annually when the seasons are unstable (changeable) in the spring and fall And get a tune-up (we tune up our cars but not ourselves) to maintain health and well-being.
It varies within condition and patient' specifics
Most folks have some immediate relief, and depending on severity of symptoms, a lasting effect is expected. It's not really possible to identify for how long pain relief could last because each individual situation is different. I can say confidently however, that acupuncture is the number one form of health care in China, and folks seek full and lasting effect by using this ancient & seemingly mysterious form of healthcare.
It typically takes about 4-6 acupuncture treatments to experience full relief from chronic pain. The pain relief can last anywhere from several days to several months, depending on the severity and chronicity of the condition. Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
Yes, if you remain in balance and saw through treatment until you were balanced, not just asymptomatic. But if not, no... nothing lasts is the real and honest answer. Have the stressors in your life changed (stress inducing activities, stress management, dietary insults, activities that may be aggravating the condition)? Probably not, right? Have you cultivated new habits to healthfully release that stress, or improved your diet? If not, then of course it won't last (forever). In my experience, symptoms go away for several months if the treatment was significantly long enough, and will eventually return. You can avoid this by doing acupuncture preventatively or just coming back when it is bothering you again (what most people in the US do, as in if it isn't tangibly broken, don't fix it). Hope that helps.
Acupuncture, combined with massage, and sometimes herbs, can relieve your pain for good.
Depending on the level of injury and damages.
It depends sometimes 1 hour sometimes forever.
Every person is different, so I really can't give you an exact answer. In my practice, I treat patients twice a week until the pain goes down and stays down between appointments, then I go to once a week, then once every other week and so on til they have no more pain. Sometimes the patients never have to come back, and sometimes they need a tune up now and then. Each practitioner is different as is the cause of the neck pain, so I never know how quickly it will work. But be patient. It is worth it.
Thank you for your question. The length of relief from pain varies from person to person.
Depends on the cause of pain.In general a week or two
If you meet an excellent acupuncturist, acupuncture will relief the neck pain permanently.
It depends on the cause of the pain as well where you are in the treatment plan. If you finished your treatment plan pain relief may last for months or not come back ever again.
How long pain relief might last from an initial treatment is highly variable and somewhat unpredictable. If you've never had acupuncture before, there's a slim possibility you'll be in the 5% or so of the population who do not respond to acupuncture. For people in the 95% who do respond, responses vary and the length of time that response persists also varies.

There are a few things prospective patients need to keep in mind:

1. Acupuncture is a process. It's not usually a one-and-done type of treatment.

2. Acupuncture has a dose dependency. To a point, more treatment is going to produce longer-lasting effects.

3. Acupuncture's treatment effects are cumulative. Initially, patients might not experience much relief or their relief might not last that long. Over time, though, treatment effects are better and last longer.

Given those parameters, what should a first-time patient expect on their first visit? My experience has been any relief provided by an initial treatment lasts - at minimum - one to two days.

If you don't experience any change after your first treatment, it doesn't necessarily mean acupuncture isn't working for you. You may be a slow responder, in which case you might not notice any changes until treatment 3 or 4. If you've gone 5 or 6 treatments and still aren't noticing any change, odds are pretty good you're in the 5% who won't respond.