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How many surgical procedures are usually required for an implant procedure?

II want to replace a missing tooth. How many surgical procedures are usually required for an implant procedure?

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Generally anywhere from 2 appts for just the implant portion and maybe 1 or 2 more appts for the crown for the implant.
If the tooth is already missing, you will need 1 surgery to place the implant. Depending on how deep they are able to place the implant your provider will either place a healing cover screw or healing cap, meaning they may require one additional surgery to remove the tissue that over grows during the healing process.
Often 2 if a bone graft required
Usually one procedure for placement of the implant and a minor procedure 4 months later to expose the implant.
Normally it requires only one surgical procedure to place implant. Sometimes if necessary there is a need for second procedure to put another screw on top of implant.
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Replacing missing teeth is important.
When adequate bone is already present, only one appointment is needed.
Treatment to add the needed bone can increase appointments needed.
If your need for an implant involved dental decay, you may be interested in never having dental decay again.
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The information is relevant to all ages with teeth.
Usually one surgery to place the implant unless you needed a bone graft then two. One for the bone graft and then the implant placement surgery. You might be required to return for follow up appointments once a month to make sure the implant is integrating with the bone. The implant can take two to six months to integrate the implant.
Hi, It actually depends upon the type of implant. There are mini implants and standard implants and the main difference between them is the diameter of the implant. With standard implants the dentist drills a hole in the bone the same diameter as the implant and places the implant into the bone and then will wait about 6 months for the implant to integrate with the bone. Following this a second surgery is sometimes required to expose the implant to place an abutment to start the restorative process. With a mini implant the dentist drills a hole into the bone that is smaller in diameter than the diameter of the implant. The implant is then inserted into the bone by turning it as you would turn a screw into wood. In most cases only this one surgery is required and the crown can be placed on the implant immediately because the implant is held solidly by the bone. Therefore, two surgical procedures for a standard implant and one for a mini implant is a valid summation. However, there are one piece standard implants that can have the crown placed immediately also. I hope that this explanation was helpful. Sincerely, Dr Druckman