Nephrologist (Pediatric) Questions Urination

How often should a child pee throughout the day?

What is the normal frequency of peeing in a 3-year-old child throughout the day?

5 Answers

4 - 5 times/day
3 to 6 times during the day
Most children urinate every 3-4 hours. If they drink a lot, they may urinate more. If they drink less, they may urinate a little less.
This is all dependent on how much fluid the child is taking. If he or she is not peeing at least once every 8 hours that is a sign of dehydration and requires immediate attention.
Yes a wet diaper that is worn for a long time can cause UTI's especially in girls. If the child has frequency of urination she may already be experiencing a UTI that should be ruled out by sending a clean-catch urinary specimen for culture and sensitivity. Should this turn out to be negative she could be experiencing the symptoms of an overactive bladder secondary to bladder-bowel dysfunction (BBD) that is often associated with chronic constipation. In this case, managing the constipation will often resolve the problem.