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How should I prepare for wisdom teeth removal?

I am a 19 year old male. I want to know how should I prepare for wisdom teeth removal?

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Usual oral care brush, etc.
This depends largely upon the type of anesthesia you will be receiving for your procedure. Please discuss your particular situation with your treating OMS.
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Do not overeat within one hour of the appt. because some types of anesthesia used for the extraction may cause you to throw up.
You want to think in terms of transportation, diet, and safety. Be sure to consult with your oral surgeon if there are any specific things to do the day of the surgery or the days following to reduce risks of complications like pain and swelling. You will want to come with an adult who can drive you to and from the appointment. After the appointment you will wake up with your entire mouth and face very numb and your jaw will be sore when the numbness wears off. You want to be sure that you have snacks and food at home that your will be able to eat comfortable afterwards. If you plan on being sedated you will want to go in on an empty stomach. When people are asleep there is a chance of vomiting which can be very dangerous under sedation. An empty stomach can help make sure you are safer for the visit. Finally, I would avoid filming any videos. Most people coming out of sedation are bleeding, disoriented and tired and probably not the best time to go viral.   

Marc D. Thomas, DDS
Don't eat or drink food at least a few hours before your appt. Make sure you have someone to take care of you afterwards and have jello and other soft food ready for when you are done with your procedure.