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How soon can you eat after tooth gap bonding?

I will have gap bonding tomorrow. How soon can you eat after tooth gap bonding?

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Right away if you are no longer numb. Be careful eating hard foods and apples etc. bonding isn’t as strong as the tooth and can easily be broken or chipped.
Generally you can eat immediately. The only precaution would be to be very careful if you had local anesthesia. You don't want to bite your lip or tongue while numb. But the bonding is set in a few seconds and is ready as you walk out of the office.

Dr. Conrad
Once completed it is set.

Right away
Unless your dentist gave you different information, immediately. Bonding is completely cured by the light. You may want to avoid biting on the bonded teeth, however. Cut up apples, avoid corn on the cob and spareribs to preserve your bonding for a long time.