Urologist Questions Urinary Incontinence

I can't seem to control my bladder. Do I need surgery?

I have urinary incontinence and I leak urine consistently. How can this be treated? Do I need surgery?

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Most likely, just need medicine. See a urologist.
Not necessarily. You need to be evaluated
There are several different types of urinary incontinence: urge urinary incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, and mixed (stress and urge) urinary incontinence. The type of incontinence you have will direct the treatment. The type is often determined by history, physical examination, and a voiding diary. Surgery is among the treatment options for stress urinary incontinence.

Thanks for your question. Generally speaking, there are two main types of incontinence. The first is caused by a weakness of the pelvic floor, known as stress incontinence. The second is brought on by over-activity of the bladder itself, known as urge incontinence. Stress incontinence can sometimes be managed conservatively with pelvic floor exercises and other measures. Sometimes it requires surgery. Urge incontinence is usually managed without surgery, but in extreme cases surgical procedures may be necessary. The most important thing, is to determine the exact cause of your incontinence, and then to taylor the most appropriate management.
Not necessarily, but sometimes surgery is the most effective treatment. There are 2 common types of incontinence, Stress Incontinence is leaking with cough, sneeze, straining..., urge incontinence is leaking due urge and unable to make it to the bathroom. There are both surgical and non surgical options for both.
First and foremost: how old are you? Duration of this problem? Are you male or female? Did it come gradually or suddenly? How bad is the leakage, just wetting underwear or more profuse? Has any doctor seen you?

If you give me the answers to my questions, I will try to help!