Neurologist Questions Vertigo

I get dizzy every time I bend over. Should I worry?

Lately every time I bend over forward (like emptying my dishwasher) I get dizzy when I stand back up. This didn't use to happen. Should I be concerned?

5 Answers

Don't know enough about you to be very specific. I would be concerned, especially if you are older. Cause of this is usually a momentary restriction of blood flow to your head. It usually indicates an underlying condition that needs definition. Would start with your family physician and ask for evaluation of orthostatic lightheadedness. Good luck!
If it's new onset then I would check with your local doctor to examine you and maybe do some labs if he finds necessary.
Many reasons could cause this situation including the hydration. Other causes cannot be excluded including vertigo. Hypertension is another possibility. You definitely need neurological work up in addition to cardiac work up.
Dizziness is caused by a variety of issues. The conditions can range from Trauma, Metabolic/Endocrine, Heart, Head Position Etc. The best thing to do is go to see a qualified Neurologist or ENT that understands and will assess your balance dizzy centers in your body. You should also, depending on other factors, make sure your cardiac/vascular function is in tact and working appropriately.
excellent question, the bottom line is yes, you should seek medical attention asap if you are getting dizzy with positional changes especially if you have ever blacked out or fallen. problems can range from dehydration, to cardiac problems or neurological problems. i would consider starting with a neurologist to get initial of luckdr. de leon