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I have a growing mole?

I have a mole that has been growing above my eyebrow. It started about 7 years ago. I went to a Dr and he did a visual assessment and said it was nothing...though he did suggest burning it off...which he did. Now the mole started growing back again about 2 years ago. It is flat with same color but it has started to itch and I see small moles starting to develop near it...individual ones. They're not attached to the main one.

Female | 42 years old

3 Answers

Some moles that are "burned off" may regrow. Further, some moles are actually warts; these can regrown and actually spread. Best to have them checked by a local dermatologist.

Stephen Schleicher, MD
Your description of the current development of your mole(s) is concerning - it does not sound like usual expected behavior. Therefore, I strongly urge you to consult a doctor. My preference would be for you to see a dermatologist. However, if you have a respected primary care doctor, go to that person first.

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Biopsy is the ultimate answer and to satisfy your concern and any uncertainty that the dermatologist may have - this can be done.
The best to you.

Douglas Hamilton, M.D.