Anesthesiologist Questions Biopsy

I have marijuana in my system. Should I reschedule my tests?

I am due for a biopsy for a growth that exists in my stomach. The biopsy is scheduled tomorrow, however I have marijuana in my system that was consumed about five hours ago. Is informing the doctor enough or will I have to reschedule my surgery?

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Always tell your anesthesiologist of any medications (including illicit / illegal drugs). They use this information to provide you the safest anesthetic. Marijuana doesn't alter anesthesia to a great degree. If smoked frequently, lung reactivity can be increased as with any smokers. The decision to proceed will be made by the anesthesiologist in your best interest of safety based on your entire health history. The more information you provide, the better and safer it will be for you as you undergo anesthesia.
Informing the anesthesiologist should be sufficient
Just tell the physician anesthesiologist in charge of your care, shouldn't be a problem
Informing the doctor is enough. Please do not use marijuana on the day of your procedure. There is no need to cancel if you used marijuana a day before surgery.

Dr Ketch
Inform your doctor today and let them decide.
MJ in small doses will not interfere with your anesthesia or surgery. Tell your anesthesiologist, and do not smoke (MJ or tobacco) more until after your surgery. Intoxicants, opioids, and drugs of abuse are not routinely tested for unless you appear to be under the influence or are getting treatment in a military facility or at the request of your employer.
I am assuming the biopsy is being done by undergoing a esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD). If so, the type of anesthesia you will receive will be IV sedation and that typically is not impacted by the fact that there is marijuana in your system. However, some physicians may cancel the procedure out of an abundance of caution. You certainly should let them know and they will decide.
There should be nothing taken by mouth for 6 hours prior to procedure. Given that, talk to your proceduralist.
It is better to postpone for a few days. You don't need more problems with anesthesia meds.
You should always inform the physician and anesthesiologist if present, of any and all medications prescribed or non-prescribed that you have taken. Likely, you would not need to reschedule the test, however this would be up to the physician performing it. Marijuana or THC can affect medications used for sedation.