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How long does it take for pathology results to come back?

I'm waiting for my results to come back from a biopsy of my liver, but it's already been a week. How long does it usually take for pathology results to come back?

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Depends on the test. 48 hours to 2 weeks.
Depends on the case. Most cases come out within 24 hours. Liver biopsies take a little longer due to additional tissue testing, lab correlation and possible consultation. If your doctor keeps saying they don't have the results, call the lab directly to confirm that. If the lab says the resutls are ready, you can sign a release with the medical records department and get a copy yourself. If the lab seems reluctant to tell you anything, it is probably becuase they don't want to overstep the doctor. Some doctors get upset about that. I have had that happen to me. But if I know the results are ready, I am more than happy to give patients a copy of the results and explain the results if need be. Good luck.

RB Thomas,MD
One week to ten days is an average time for a liver biopsy report. Sometimes it takes longer.