Neurologist Questions Multiple Sclerosis

I have ms 2nd ary progressive

I have had ON for ten years and my eye keeps twitching. Has been like this for three weeks now and drives me mad

Female | 57 years old

5 Answers

Due to anxiety.
Have a detailed evaluation done by a neurologist near you.
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Twitching can be benign and may or may not be associated in MS if you have an active brain stem lesion on an MRI. Talk to your neurologist.
I have never seen this in an MS patient. I can find no good reference in Neurologist literature, but I see no reason why it couldn't be related. Wonder if it is MS as nystagmus, tremors and other eye movement disorders can occur. I would see your neurologist. Another possibility is that it is completely unrelated and caused by another problem.

Good luck!
Eye twitching is not necessarily MS related. Did you try Baclofen or tizanide? They may help.