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I'm having itching from using Santyl for my foot ulcer?

I have an ankle bone ulcer. Santyl is being used and I suddenly have developed major itching.

Female | 76 years old
Medications: Santyl
Conditions: Ankle bone ulcer

10 Answers

Please consult with your wound doctor or wound care nurse on this issue asap, usually itching is a sign of an allergic reaction.
-Discontinue use
-Cleanse area with sterile saline
-Contact your treating Dr for follow up wound care orders
You should go to a wound care center, that is their specialty.
You could have an allergy to the medication so I would discontinue for now and see your doctor.
I recommend you stop using the Santyl and contact the provider who prescribed the medication to discuss options
Stop using it. See your doctor.
Discontinue the Santyl and contact the doctor who prescribed it to see about alternatives or see if he wishes to continue it.

Dr. Kathleen Neuhoff


You are likely having an allergic reaction. You need to stop using it and tell your MD.
You may be developing an allergic reaction to the santyl. You should schedule an appointment with your wound care physician or podiatrist to evaluate the situation
Check with your provider.