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Is a root canal necessary before the dental bridge?

I will get a dental bridge. Is a root canal necessary before the dental bridge?

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A root canal would only be recommended if the depth of the decay or the position of the tooth which is supporting the bridge requires a root canal.
Not always. It depends on the tooth that is part of the bridge. Is it unhealthy? Would making the bridge cause it to be unhealthy? Not all teeth that need crowns or bridges need root canals, but lots of root canal-treated teeth tend to need crowns for strength.
A root canal is required prior to a "dental bridge" if the nerve of the tooth is damaged or infected, or if there is not enough tooth structure remaining and a post is needed to build up the tooth in order to better hold the bridge.
Great question.
Root canals are ONLY needed if the tooth is infected or the dentist needs to place a post for support of the crown or bridge. Doing a root canal “just because” is not ethical, nor should be performed.
There are too many variables to answer this question without more information, but generally, a root canal is done because the pulp (where the blood supply and nerves are) is not healthy or is infected. The process of doing a fixed bridge alone is not an indication for a root canal.
This totally depends on the condition of the tooth that will support the bridge. Sometimes RCT is necessary and other times not.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.
Not always. It depends on the condition of the teeth supporting the bridge. You can get a consultation from an endodontist before the bridge is done, or while you still have a temporary bridge. You don't have to have a root canal first, but if it is deep, it is easier and better to do it before the bridge is permanently cemented on. The root canal can be done after the bridge is in, but then if you develop a problem, the bridge will be damaged doing the root canal after it is in. See an endodontist first.
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Not necessarily. A root canal is only necessary when the nerve inside the tooth has been injured to a point that it can no longer heal.