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Is acupuncture once a month for fertility enough?

I want to have acupuncture treatment to increase fertility. Is acupuncture once a month for fertility enough?

8 Answers

It depends, usually when working with fertility patients come to the office once a week
We recommend once a week for fertility treatments
It depends upon the patient, but most likely it should be at least once a week.
Not enough.
I would recommend weekly or by-weekly sessions for increasing chances of fertility, and working with your OBG-YN.
Absolutely not. I see my patients twice a week for months to help with fertility.
I don't work a lot with fertility, but generally speaking acupuncture has a dose dependency. To a point, more treatment often provides superior results. I do work a lot with pain management and for those patients a typical treatment frequency is once per week for several weeks and then we work our way down to some maintenance level which might be monthly (or even less frequent).

If you've been using acupuncture for a while, then maybe once per month is enough. If you're just starting out, once a month often doesn't get you out of the gate with your issue - you're essentially starting all over again each time you come in. Most of the fertility specialists I know recommend weekly treatment for 2-3 months (so something like 8-12 treatments).
No, acupuncture once a month is not enough for fertility, you need to try two sessions a week to see what is the result, try two weeks.