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Is acupuncture safe for diabetics?

I am a 45 year old male and I have diabetes type 2. Is acupuncture safe for diabetics?

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I have had success treating patients with Type 2 Diabetes using acupuncture, herbs, and sometimes massage. I suggest you find an experienced practitioner to help.
Yes. It can also help reverse your type 2 diabetes.
Yes, Acupuncture is safe for diabetics Type I and Type II
Absolutely! Always let your provider know of any medical conditions, but acupuncture is definitely safe for Diabetics.
Yes it is. It benefits the body by harmonizing and balancing the organs to work more efficiently
Yes! The needles are sterilized and non reusable.
The main thing is to see the doctor's level
With negligence, acupuncture can be harmful for a diabetic, or immunocompromised patient. But we take these conditions into consideration and before treatment I always ask to confirm if there are any complications like the above stated conditions. Every acupuncture point is cleaned & wiped with a 70% alcohol wipe. If the patient is compromised, it will be
cleaned further with iodine, similar to cleaning prior to surgery to sterilize the field. If acupuncture is too invasive of a procedure, there may be other methods of treatment to decide from like fire cupping (massage with glass cups); gua sha/tui na (Chinese massage techniques); herbal supplementation or even moxibustion (use of burning mugswort to calm and soothe circulation). Definitely check with your primary for any concerns and to see if these alternative therapies may be great options.

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Yes, it is safe for diabetes type 2.
Yes! Acupuncture is absolutely safe for diabetics and Acupuncture has been used to treat diabetic health issues for over 3,000 years. Get acupuncture! It's great. :)

Acupuncture is certainly safe for diabetics. It's also helpful for your overall management of the condition. Also helpful are Chinese herbs for diabetes.
Yes, acupuncture is safe for diabetics and can even help to manage diabetic symptoms.
Acupuncture is safe for everyone. I have treated people with many different diseases including Type 1 & 2 diabetics as well as Diabetic insipidus patients. I have treated the dying, people with cancer and the list goes on.
In general, yes, in your specific case, see an acupuncturist and they can make that determination for you. The only diabetic specific caution is in the use of moxabustion in peripheral neuropathy. A licensed acupuncturist will know this and be able to work around it, we have many more tools than just moxabustion! Acupuncturist can be a very useful adjuctive treatment for diabetes, so enjoy your treatment!
Absolutely! Acupuncture is not only safe for diabetics but can help manage symptoms. Check out a couple of blog posts we've done about acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine and diabetes:
Yes. Acupuncture is safe and effective for diabetes.
Yes, absolutely! Acupuncture is extremely safe and well tolerated for most conditions. Recent research even suggests that acupuncture can improve blood lipids and control blood pressure, as well as reduce weight. Meta analysis from 21 studies, which comprised a total of 1943 participants, compared sham acupuncture or no acupuncture treatment plus baseline treatments with acupuncture plus baseline treatments which yielded a reduction in Fasting Blood Glucose (MD 1.21 mmol/l, 95%CI, 1.56 to 0.87), 2 hr Blood Glucose (MD 2.13 mmol/l, 95%CI, 2.79 to 1.46), and HA1c (MD 1.12%, 95%CI 1.62 to 0.62). These are incredible results and need to backed up by longer and larger studies of course, but I would say that based on this evidence, not only is it safe, but it is highly recommended.
Yes, acupuncture is safe for diabetes but it is important that you eat before acupuncture and go to the appointment well hydrated. Acupuncture will slightly drop your blood sugar.
Acupuncture would be safe, yes, with the exception of if it were being applied to tissue that is dying or has really poor circulation, such as when in late stage diabetes, there is necrosis or wounds that do not heal and possibly get infected. No acupuncture is safe to apply to infected, necrotic tissue. Hope that is helpful.
Yes, we see DMI and DMII patients daily
Yes, and it can be very effective in lowering your blood sugar levels. The only thing I do recommend is that you carefully track your blood sugar levels. I have found that immediately after treatment, some patients will have a small spike, but it usually drops back down by the following day.
Absolutely. I have a great many patients who are diabetics and they have no problems whatsoever.
Yes, acupuncture is safe for diabetics.
Yes, acupuncture is safe for diabetics. The place where you need to be careful is with moxibustion. Moxa is an herb that practitioners of Chinese medicine burn either on the end of the needle, in a 'cigar' that is used to warm the skin, or directly on the skin.

It's the direct version that can sometimes cause problems for diabetics, particularly if they've developed diabetic neuropathy. In the US, we don't want to cause a burn or blister the skin through the application of moxa. Normally practitioners will ask for a lot of feedback from the patient so they can understand the person's heat tolerance and back off if things are warming up too much. This is a problem for someone with neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy as they may be insensitive to the heat.

Most licensed acupuncturists will avoid moxa, especially direct moxa, on neuropathy patients. However, Chinese medicine is one of those weird cases where patients aren't always seeing a provider who went to school specifically for Chinese medicine - there are chiropractors and physical therapists who often try to perform 'acupuncture like' services with little to no training. As long as you're seeing a nationally board certified and state licensed acupuncturist (someone with an L.Ac./R.Ac. state credential and either a Dipl Ac or Dipl OM national credential), and you tell them in advance that you have diabetes and/or neuropathy then you should be fine.