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Is bleeding after deep cleaning normal?

My gums bleed after a deep cleaning. Is it normal? What should I do?

5 Answers

If you require a deep cleaning, then you have a form of gum disease. Therefore, bleeding would be expected due to the inflammation. As the gums heal and there’s less inflammation, then less bleeding.
It is not unusual for a day or so to have some minor bleeding, but it should not last more than that. If you are taking any medications that can promote bleeding like aspirin, ibuprofen or other prescription meds., the bleeding may last longer.
Yes, sometimes minor bleeding occurs after deep cleaning. However, it should stop within 48 hours. If the bleeding continues or becomes heavy, contact your dentist.

Yes, the reason you had a deep cleaning is due to pocket depths exceeding 4 mm. These were caused by bacterial infiltration which created the pockets. By scaling, root planning and curettage bleeding will occur during and following the procedure for a short period of time

What were your hygienist's instructions? Warm salt rinses can be helpful. Daily flossing, even though it may cause bleeding in the short term, will help your gums heal. Use a very soft toothbrush for now, never any firmer than soft bristles.