Urologist Questions cloudy urine

Is cloudy urine a sign of an infection?

My urine has been cloudy this week. I don't think I've eaten anything different. Could it be a sign of some infection?

5 Answers

Yes, it could be an infection. You need a urinanalysis and a urine culture.
Yes, cloudy urine can be a sign of a urinary tract infection
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Maybe but there will be other signs not just that
Cloudy urine may be the result of precipitation of benign crystals, or it could mean infection. Usually if there is an infection, there are symptoms associated with an irritable bladder, such as urinary frequency and pain on urination. In any event, I would recommend you see your doctor to have the urine checked for infection or cells and appropriate follow-up depending on the results.
Yes, cloudy urine can indicate a urinary infection. There are usually other symptoms also, however. Please check out my website for further information: