Urologist Questions cloudy urine

What causes cloudy urine?

I am a 27-year-old woman and I am noticing cloudy urine with a lot of bubbles or froth. There are times when the color of the urine turns very dark yellow and also has a lot of smell. What could be the reason for this? Please advise if I should get any tests done to negate any infections or health issues.

8 Answers

When the urine does not have its characteristic clear appearance, it is often referred to as cloudy, turbid, or foamy urine. ... Infections anywhere in the urinary tract (UTIs), including the bladder or urethra. When there is an infection in the urinary tract, the urine may take on a foul-smelling odor as well as appear cloudy or bloody. A burning sensation during urination.
Urine culture is helpful to find out the cause. Try also increase water intake.
Pat. Need to be treated with antibiotics after urine was submitted for culture & sensitivity. Then need urology evaluation.
Cloudy or frothy urine can be the result of a urinary tract infection. The bubbles could represent a fistula (connection) between the bladder and the intestine. This may need to be fixed surgically. The best thing to do would be to see a urologist in your area for evaluation.
It could be because you are dehydrated and/or could also be related to having a urinary tract infection. The best thing to do would be to contact your primary care physician and obtain a urinalysis and urine culture to rule out an infection.
It could be from what you are eating. It can be infectious, but that would usually be accompanied by some burning. Dark urine can be concentrated from dehydration. The only way to know for sure is have your urine checked at your doctor. There are some cheap test strips you can buy at the pharmacy but I'm not too sure on their accuracy.

You may be taking vitamins that will darken and make the urine smell funny. Also, garlic and onions will do the same. The bubbles in the urine are normal.

Dr. Niko Lailas
I would advise you come in for a checkup. There are a number of possibilities but all require some additional testing of your urine.

Maury A. Jayson, MD
Bubbles usually don't mean much. Darkness is due to amount of hydration, when not hydrated smell is also stronger