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Is forgetfulness a mental illness?

I'm starting to notice I have become very forgetful. It's really worrying me. Small everyday things are also slipping my mind. I am always preoccupied with thoughts. Is something really wrong? I am only 29.

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Take Dr. Amen's free assessment online dealing with ADD. Note the outcomes - you may have a type of ADD. Forgetfulness in itself is not a mental illness - it is natural and a way for the human brain not to get too over loaded.
There are many things to consider-adequate sleep, stress, hormonal challenges, how much you have going on and more. I would not be concerned about mental illness unless you have a history of it.
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I don’t know what is going on in your life right now but I would assume that there are emotional issues that may be bothering you and can be stored in your subconscious mind. We all go through things in our lives. Nothing to really worry about right now. You are at the age when the human brain can absorb more and things at a given time. Just try to focus on things and stay strong doing so. You will be fine eventually. Enjoy your life and be happy.
Forgetfulness is a common human experience. Unless there has been significant brain damage with a major medical event like a stroke, traumatic brain injury with a significant loss of consciousness, or brain tumor, memory concerns are typically the result of inattention often found in mental illnesses like mood disorders or anxiety. Follow up with your medical and/or mental health provider.