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Is it my gallbladder?

I have severe pain in my shoulder blades that radiates to both sides of my stomach up. I have been belching and in severe pain when I eat I have lost 3 dress sizes in 3 months and am wanting to throw up and have twice a day!

I’m heavy set but In 4 months I’ve lost about 50 pounds. My poop is a darker color but occasionally is normal! When I take a crap sometimes there is blood! That can take up to 10 mins to wipe and the next time I go again I’m still bleeding.

When should I go to the ER? I also have pain in my ovaries

Female | 29 years old
Complaint duration: 4 months
Medications: Prozac
Conditions: Diabetes asthma irritable bowel syndrome gastrointestinal

8 Answers

That sounds like a lot of blood. If that is true, then please go to the ER NOW! Gallbladder issues do not cause blood in your poop. That is usually caused by a problem in your colon or sometimes ulcers can cause there to be blood in your stool. You need a GI work-up and colonoscopy.
The blood in your stool is unlikely to be related to your gallbladder. Gallbladder symptoms typically include right upper quadrant abdominal pain that is worse after eating, especially fatty, greasy, and oily foods. The pain can be associated with nausea, vomiting, and bloating. An ultrasound is typically required to diagnose gallstones.

You may require evaluation by your PCP, a gastroenterologist, and a surgeon to sort through your issues, but you should not ignore your symptoms!
You need to see your primary care physician or go to the ER.
Gallbladder problems site specifically to apex of right shoulder w g blade (the pointed end). The color of stool is important, darker does not define wether old blood in GI tract, or greener, which is more like gallbladder probs; if so, the stool should float, not sink to bottom. The overall picture with what you have considered your history, points to a plethora of probs, like nosebleed draining into stomach, medicine like aspirin that can cause stomach bleeding, and the (dreaded) cancer, anywhere in GI tract, however, pancreatitis from your abdominal and back complaints seems most likely. It is painful and unrelenting; and if appt with GI doctor is possible, that would be first option over ER, where too many people are ill
and contagious. The bleeding was not described in color, which would rule in or out hemorrhoids. Better history is needed, but GI MD can get it with appropriate diagnostic tests as well. Get on the appt.
Visit your physician please.
Consult GI ASAP. Consult OB-GYN ASAP for pelvic and vaginal US.
You should see a doctor right away. If not in the ER, see a gastroenterologist. You can call your family doctor now, review your problems and get the name and contact information
for that GI doctor. Until proven otherwise, those are very serious symptoms.
If this has been going on for 3 months or more then it is not an emergency. You should see a GI doctor to get a full work up. The upper GI symptom of pain could be the gallbladder. An ultrasound can look for gallstones. The blood in the stool is unrelated and may simply be hemorrhoids.