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Is it normal for veneers to fall?

One of my veneers fell out after 1 month. Is it normal for veneers to fall? Should I change my dentist?

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Veneers should not fall off, what is called debonding, after a month. However, there may be cofactors associated with your case that you and your dentist should discuss.
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Not normal. Might be that there was contamination of the bonding surface. I would give the dentist the benefit of the doubt & have him or her bond it back in. This should be done at no charge.
I certainly would not change your dentist at this point. There are many factors that can cause a veneer to fail. Remember, they are only bonded to a flat surface. Any quirky tooth movement may break that bond and the veneer can come off. If you are a grinder and clencher at night, you should be wearing a night guard to protect the veneers while you sleep. But there also could have been an unknown variable when bonding, such as an inadvertent moisture contamination, and the bonding could have been compromised. Remember, the veneer is a very thin facing of porcelain, and though veneers in general can last a long time, you must be careful with them. Despite all our efforts, they are never as strong as a solid, healthy real tooth. I would treat this incident as an unknown one, unlikely to happen again- that is, unless there is some sort of damaging habit or the lack of a night guard.

Dr. Conrad
Thank you for your important question.

Normally, veneers will remain bonded in place for several years. It is not normal for one to debond within 1 month. You need to call your dentist to schedule an appointment. Take the veneer with you to the appointment. Bonding is best to enamel. If your tooth was missing most of the enamel, the bond could have been weak. Patient movement during the bonding procedure could have introduced moisture and loosened the bond. It is not possible for me to know the circumstances at the time and offer more complete information. Your dentist is your best source of information.
Yes, veneers can come off. Many factors can contribute to this. Some examples could be: First, are you a good candidate for this procedure, your occlusion (bite), poor cementation, under preparation, over preparation, faulty product from lab……. This is a question that cannot be answered properly w/o looking at the situation clinically. I would not be so quick to throw your dentist under the bus since there are many factors to consider.
It is not ideal for a veneer to fall off within a month. It may be that the biting forces on the veneer need to be adjusted in order for the veneer to stay on. Sometimes a full crown is a better option. I would return to your dentist to re-evaluate your bite. There also could have been some contamination during the cementation process that could result in the veneer coming off.
My first recommendation is to see if your dentist can make things right. A veneer is NOT expected to fall out so soon. Did you follow the dentist's instructions about eating?
Not normal. Possible that there was moisture contamination at placement. See your veneer Doc and have your veneer re-cemented. If it comes off again, then there is a problem.