Anesthesiologist Questions Fever

Is it to get anesthesia with a fever?

I have to have an abdominal surgery to treat a growth that is causing an infection. Due to the infection I have fever. Is it safe for me to to get anesthesia with a fever?

8 Answers

It should be no problem. If you were getting an unrelated surgery it would be advisable to delay but you won’t get better without the surgery so unless your fever isn’t over 102 it should be ok
Not clear about your particular situation, but sounds like you need the surgery to root out the cause of your fevers. Anesthesia will be fine for you.
Considering the surgery will remove the source of your infection and subsequent fever ... yes it is safe ... good luck and I hope you recover well
Your surgeon should speak with the anesthesiologist. Typically, for elective surgery, fever is a dealbreaker. But in the case where there is a known source, it may be just fine.
There is no contraindication to having anesthesia with a fever except when it means that there is a coexisting illness such as influenza or pneumonia and the surgery is not urgent. In the case of an infection causing a fever, it would be proper to proceed with anesthesia and surgery to remove the cause.
In this situation where the surgery is aimed to remove an infected growth, you have no choice but to have Anesthesia for the Surgery. An anesthesiologist will be monitoring your temperature in addition to other vital signs during surgery and be ready to manage any untoward reaction to the surgical manipulation of the mass.
That depends on how sick you are. If you have been experiencing a chronic, low-grade fever, then it should not be a problem. If someone is in septic shock, they will not tolerate anesthesia very well.
Yes. The infection is most likely (once other possible causes are ruled out) the cause of the fever.