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Is my mouth supposed to hurt after a bridge?

I am a 45 year old male. I want to know if my mouth is supposed to hurt after a bridge?

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Supposed to hurt, no. Can possibly hurt yes. You didn’t give enough info as to a fixed bridge, removable bridge, on teeth or implants. There are many factors, but you should return to your dentist and have the situation corrected.
Not at all
Soreness on the gums and slight sensitivity in the area where bridge was done is kind of normal and usually goes away in 2-3 days with warm salt water rinses and OTC Tylenol if needed, but anything more than that, then please let your dentist know.
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It's possible, if your bite is off. Return to your dentist and have your dentist check you out.
Dental bridges are a great way to restore missing teeth without any surgical intervention, as opposed to dental implants! Dental bridges should not have any discomfort! If there is any, it might be due to the nerves, gums, or bite and function! Check with your dentist as soon as possible for advice. For more information on dental bridges or porcelain bridges, click here:
Not after a few days of getting the bridge