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Are crowns or veneers better for front teeth?

I am a 30 year old female I want to know if crowns or veneers are better for front teeth?

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Trust your dentist for the best answer. It depends on the condition o the teeth to crown or veneer. veneers are more conservative in preserving tooth structure but are more subject to fracture if subject to abuse. Crowns are harder on opposing natural teeth regarding wear. Veneers need night time protection with a mouth guard to prevent fracture from grinding or clenching.
There is an indication for either one of them as only your doctor can determine in general veneers are more conservative, but in some cases, they won't work due to variety of reason that should be determined by your doctor. 
I have veneers on most of my upper teeth. They are better than crowns unless there has been a lot of tooth structure loss due to decay or fracture, then a crown is preferable.


Robert E. Sims, D.M.D, M.S.D.
Veneers are more conservative. It depends on case per case.