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Is removing colon polyps dangerous?

I was diagnosed with colon polyps and will have surgery to remove them. Is removing colon polyps dangerous?

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Usually, colon polyps are removed at the time of colonoscopy. If they can not be removed during colonoscopy, surgery can be required. You should be referred to a surgeon who should tell you all about the planned operation - including the risks, benefits, and alternatives. If your surgeon hasn’t had this discussion with you, you need to ask them these questions before the operation.

Sarah Ducharme
Removing colon polyps by colonoscopy is usually not dangerous. However, if the polyp is too big to be removed by colonoscopy then it will require surgery to remove. Is it dangerous? Well, it is a major operation. It does require removing part of your colon which does carry risks of things like bleeding, infection, and leaks at the anastomosis (where the colon is reconnected). But it’s better than the alternative which is leaving in a polyp that could potentially turn into cancer. I hope this helps.
You can get a perforated colon of splenic tear. All Surgeries/procedures have risks.