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My 1 month old baby sleeps for long hours and even doesn’t wake up for feeds unless woken up. Is it normal?

My baby is 1 month old and she is a full term healthy baby weighing 3 kgs. I am a first time mother and would like to know for how long can a baby sleep in a day? My baby sleeps for long hours and even forgets to wake up for her feeds unless I wake her up. Is it normal or should I be worried?

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Mostly normal. Should start to be awake more.
Babies her age can sleep about 20 hours a day but should be gaining weight well, Some babies have to be awakened to feed. She should suck well and have several bowel movements and urine output a day
I feel this depends on whether she is gaining weight well or not and whether she reaching her developmental milestones on time. If she is gaining well, it also depends on how long you have allowed her to sleep before waking her. Does she wake more frequently during the day? If you are at all worried, you need to see a pediatrician. If she has not gained weight, it is even more important to see a pediatrician early. She is likely to be healthy, but don't wait if you are concerned.

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Here is my answer, directly from the Academy of sleep medicine.

Newborn 0-3 mos: 14-17 hr
Infant 4-11 mos: 12-16 hr
Toddler 1-2 yr: 11-14 hr
PS: 3-5 yr: 10-13 hr
6-12 yr: 9-12 hr
13-18 yr: 8-10 hr

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
J Clin Sleep Med 2016

If the baby isn't gaining weight he should be woken up to feed.
A month baby may sleep 12-18 hrs/day. He will cry when he is hungry. As he gets older, his awake/sleep ratio gets better. So, most likely, what you are experiencing is quite normal. But I would nudge him to alertness and nurse if he is sleeping more than 6 hours during daytime.
Hello, new mom. Your baby was born without any complications and with good weight, I assume. Important to know, do you breastfeed or use formula or both? In one month of age, the baby needs to sleep 2-3 hours in between feeding. Sometimes it can be less, 1.5, or more up to four hours. With breastfeeding, more variations. Very rare, some kids may have one sleep about 5 hours if child got more than 4 oz at once. Important sign of normal development is the weight gain: about 1 pound per 2 weeks.
If weight is good, do not worry about time sleeping.
Do not worry, babies at this age sleep a lot.
Hi new mom,
The most accurate answer comes with a few return questions of necessity to be most accurately responsive:
1) What has been your child's weight gain since birth at 3 kgs? A normal/average gain for this interval would be reassuring to you, and would put the issue of too much sleep to rest.
2) How many voids/day is your infant having? The average # would reflect adequate liquid intake.
3) Describe the character and # of stools per day. Again the range of normal would be reassuring as this reflects adequate breast milk or formula intake.
4) Do you breast or bottle feed? A well fed infant with either source tends to sleep comfortably for long intervals. Long restful sleep is the time of maximal growth, and reflects easy comfortable digestion of intake as well.
An infant that feeds well and lustily over a short interval, is sated, tends to fall asleep readily, and gives mom the gift vacuuming and dish washing time.

I look forward to responding again after reading your responses to the inquiry of 4 questions.

Dr Mary
No that is not normal. The baby needs to be checked