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My fingers hurt after playing tennis. Is this normal?

Every time I play tennis, I experience severe pain in my fingers and this pain lasts for a good two hours or so. Is it normal?

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This is not normal. It is important to see a specialist to figure out what is causing your symptoms. Only after a diagnosis is made can treatment options be discussed

This could be a tendon or a nerve problem. For instance, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or an ulnar neuropathy, you can have severe pain after using your hands/arms. See your primary care doctor or pain doctor for an evaluation.


Nichelle C. Renk, M.D.
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No but the reason your fingers hurt is not possible to assess without an examination and possibly testing. I suggest you see an interventional pain physician in your area.
It could be Pronator Terres Entrapment. You should do Rest, Ice, Elevation, and Compression (RICE). If not better in 2-3 weeks, seek a pain MD.