Geriatric Psychiatrist Questions Mental Disorders

My husband is starting to have delusions, what can I do?

My husband recently (74 years old) is starting to think that the police are looking for him. There's no actual reason behind this but I fear that perhaps it's due to Alzheimer's or something similar. What can I do for him?

3 Answers

Delusions can be caused by a long list of medical problems, medications, medication interactions, and psychiatric, as well as neurological problems. Ideally he needs to be seen by a psychiatrist who specializes in mental disorders of later life, but there are very few of them. You may wish to start by visiting his primary care doctor who might then make a referral to a neurologist as well for a dementia evaluation. It is important to rule out medical and neurological issues as well as medication interactions before deciding on a course of treatment.
Thanks. You have correctly identified some possible causes for new late-onset delusions. Your husband needs to be evaluated by a Psychiatrist, preferably a Geriatric Psychiatrist for proper remedies.
There are numerous causes of late-life delusions, only one of which is Alzheimer's. The best thing you can do is have him evaluated by a geriatric or general psychiatrist or a neurologist.