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Life and Work: Maintaining a Delicate Balance

Life and Work: Maintaining a Delicate Balance

Finding the right balance between work and life is very hard for many people. Most people put in extra hours at work thinking that layoffs and cutbacks may affect them, according to psychologist Robert Brooks, PhD, co-author of The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, and Personal Strength in Your Life. According to him, the best way to bring enjoyment in life is to focus on those things that are under our control. 

Here are five simple ways to bring in more balance in the daily struggle:

Schedule family time

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Try to fit in some time with family and friends, or include any other activity that will recharge you, whenever you are planning for the week. “An activity to look forward to, like a dinner or a baseball game, will motivate you to manage the time better and ensure that you don’t miss out on the fun. It helps in being proactive and scheduling," says Laura Stack, a productivity expert in Denver and author of SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best.

Plan a time out with the family like a park or a movie, may be during the weekend. This scheduling ensures that the time is not wasted and you get the much wanted quality time with the dear ones. Getting up an hour or so early also gives you adequate time to spend with the family rather than the usual get up, shower, and go to the office style. “This will surely improve the productivity in the work place," says Michael Neithardt, an actor and television commercial producer in New York City.

Avoid activities that adds no value

“Wasting time on something that saps your energy should surely be avoided," says Marilyn Puder-York, PhD, a psychologist and executive coach in New York and Connecticut. Many activities like spending time with a colleague who gossips a lot is something that does not add any value and can be avoided altogether. Focus on those activities that enhance your career or personal life and avoid those do not.

Many of our activities, like spending time on social networks, checking bank staements, or making personal calls make you less efficient and saps the time at the work place. Avoiding these may help you to finish off the tasks a bit earlier and give us some extra time for the activities that you look forward to.

Outsource your activities, if needed

Just rearranging your chores and outsourcing few of them may help you to save some precious time which you can spend wisely. It can be ordering the groceries online, or taking help to mow the lawn, you save on precious time, which will make it worth the effort. Stack suggests that one of the best ways to save time and enjoy at the same time is to trade tasks with friends. By offering to do some of the work which you enjoy, gives you the additional benefit of enjoyment too. For example, you could trade gardening work for babysitting.

Be active

Time for regular exercise is something which is difficult to find in the tight schedule. But in the long term finding time for regular activities will be helpful in boosting energy and concentration power. Many studies have shown that exercise makes a person more alert. It boosts the way one feels for the rest of the day. It also gives you the much wanted me time you've been looking for.


Trying to make a work-life balance is not about jamming more things in less time. It can be as simple as leaving early from office one day in week. It is all about being realistic and gradually adding small activities that are more important to you. One can probably start by spending an hour every week for the hobby or spending a week with the family once a year.

Even during a hectic day one can fit in some moments for something that will help you to recharge yourself – it can be reading a novel of your choice, listening to your favorite music or going for a walk.