Dermatologist Questions Psoriasis

My psoriasis is starting to hurt. Is there something I can do?

Last year, I was diagnosed with moderate plaque psoriasis (7% body coverage). It hasn't bothered me, but recently it is becoming painful to the touch, sometimes it feels like it's burning. I can't even shower without it hurting. What can I do?

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You have enough skin involvement that using topical treatments may not be enough to treat it properly. You should see a board certified dermatologist to offer options on how to treat your psoriasis.
You should definitely see a physician (dermatologist) who takes care of many psoriatic patients. He will have many modalities to treat you.
You need to increase your topical treatments as you don't necessarily qualify for oral treatment with 7% involvement. If it is interfering with your daily life however you could be started on oral therapy.
There are medications for psoriasis, which you could obtain from a dermatologist. Just for general health and psoriasis improvement I would recommend a gluten-free diet. Many psoriasis patients get improvement with just a gluten-free diet.
Sorry to hear you are in pain. I think you need to be evaluated by your dermatologist. Besides psoriasis being a skin disease, it can also effect your joints. We also want to make sure there is no infection present. Once evaluated, you may be a candidate for oral treatment or biologic injections. There are many options for you, including laser treatments.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg
There are many new treatment options for psoriasis. I recommend going to a dermatologist and getting a specific treatment plan for your specific case of psoriasis.
Go see a dermatologist.
Psoriasis CAN be with or without symptoms
You need to see a dermatologist for a full evaluation and be treated accordingly
Sounds like you need treatment to control your symptoms. Topical steroids would improve your symptoms. Hydrocortisone is likely not strong enough, so I recommend seeing your doctor to get a more powerful topical steroid.
Psoriasis is not fun! Have you been to a dermatologist yet? Depending on how much steroids are used, some creams are used, even sometimes I've heard dermatologist tell patients to go sit in the sun!!!! if its gotten worse always, always go get it looked at. You may need to be given medications.
Short term potent topical steroid ointment by prescription, but in the meantime, emollients such as aquaphor, aveeno eczema repair cream or cerave cream 2-3 times per day. Wash with Dove unscented soap or aquanil cleanser. Over the counter hydrocortisone cream 2 x per day for up to 2 weeks, until prescription is obtained.