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My son who is 5 years old is having a ringing sensation in his ears. Is it treatable?

My son is 5 years old and has been complaining of a ringing sensation in his ears for the last week. At first, I ignored it saying it may be temporary, but later I read that the ringing sound in the ears is often associated with a balance issue. Can it be treated?

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Ringing in the ears has different causes some of which affect the balance. Make sure he is not taking aspirin and get referral to ENT.
Most often a ringing sensation in the air of a five-year-old is not due to a balance problem, but may be due to something as simple as wax (cerumen) up against the eardrum. However, in either case it would be wise to have his ears examine Buy an Ear Nose and Throat physician.
Ringing is not always associated with a balance issue, but it is a symptom of something. It is best to have him evaluated. I would recommend calling our office to schedule an appointment. 847-432-5555.
Most ear ringing at his age is temporary. However, because it involves the inner ear, it can be associated with balance issues. If it persists, be sure to see your pediatrician.
Yes, he should be seen by an audiologist for a full hearing exam. Although ringing in the ears is difficult to treat alone, it is important to determine if there is a treatable cause. Follow me on fb at doctorjarret for more tips.
Could be that he has cerumen clogging his ear. Take him to his pediatrician for a ear lavage and a look at his ears. If that is not the reason, he needs to see an ENT (ear-nose-throat specialist). The ringing could be a serious illness, I will not delay the evaluation.
Treatment will depend on what is causing the ringing in his ears (tinnitus). I would ask a few questions first - How long has he had tinnitus? Does it come and go? Does he have earwax? Does he take any medication on a regular basis? Has he had a head injury? The answers to these questions may (or may not) help determine the cause. I do think you should take him to see his pediatrician. If you have additional questions, please call me (502-548-0589).
I think he needs to be seen by a specialist, probably initially a Paediatrician who will find out all about him and almost certainly arrange for him to to have some investigations done. Ringing in the ears can have various causes so there is no easy answer without a very thorough examination and investigations. The treatment depends on the cause, so it may be due to lots of different causes. It is important to talk to a specialist, not just to guess that this is an issue with balance.
There are many possible causes of ringing in the ear or tinnitus. Some causes are benign and some are not. This would need a more thorough workup than I can provide you over email. Please speak to your pediatrician about this. Think about any medicine he may be taking. Consider an ENT referral.

If your son is experiencing symptoms of tinnitus that have not subsided, it is recommended that you seek a medical evaluation with an Otolaryngologist (ENT).
It may be treatable; however, it may not be curable. The medical term for ringing or other sounds in the ears is "tinnitus". There are many causes for tinnitus. The number one cause is noise exposure, which can cause temporary or permanent damage to the hearing organ. If the damage is temporary, the tinnitus may be temporary as well; however, with repeated noise exposure, permanent damage can be done to the hearing organ, which causes tinnitus as a symptom. This tinnitus is generated in the brain due to hyperactivity. Currently, there is no known cure for this neuro-generated tinnitus; however, depending on whether or not there is hearing loss present, hearing aids would be a potential treatment option. In addition, temporary damage to the hearing organ may be treated by an ear, nose, and throat physician with a prescription anti-inflammatory medication such as a steroid. If the tinnitus is due to inflammation of the hearing organ due to noise exposure or something else, then the steroid can reduce inflammation and potentially reduce or get rid of the tinnitus.