Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Questions Wisdom Tooth Extraction

My wisdom tooth is aching. Is it better to have it extracted?

I am problems with one of my wisdom teeth. It is achy and dull but I don't feel it growing in yet. Is it better to have this tooth extracted?

9 Answers

Have it removed to alleviate pain and to prevent damage to the tooth anterior to it.
If they are impacted and or cause crowding in your teeth, it is recommended that they be removed to avoid damaging the surrounding teeth. If they grow in correctly positioned, healthy and function properly, it is not necessary to have them removed.Wisdom teeth, if not grown properly, can cause further dental problems, including damage to surrounding teeth, jaw damage (cyst growth), inflamed/infected gum tissues, cavities, alignment problems, or sinus issues.
Typically yes, but depends on the tooth position, your age, and the health of the adjacent teeth. You should have an X-ray and evaluation, as this could continue to get worse and possibly involve other teeth requiring more treatment.
Wisdom Teeth often create problems including inflammation or infection in the gum tissue, decay, and or gum disease. Wisdom teeth that do not have room to erupt and/or cause any of the above problems should be evaluated by an oral surgeon for possible treatment.
You better have it check by an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, and have it extracted. Most the time the wisdom tooth grows sideways you won’t be able to see or feel it. If you let it becomes infected then it will be more serious and can be life threatening.
You need to have them evaluated with appropriate radiographs and evaluate the need to have them out. Often impacted teeth when trying to erupt go through times of pain and swelling which subsides only to reoccur. Wisdom teeth need to be removed for various reasons. You can have your dentist evaluate them or seek out an oral surgeon that can offer I.V. anesthesia to have them removed if it has been deemed necessary to remove them.
You likely need to be evaluated by a dentist and/or oral & maxillofacial surgeon... if you retain the tooth you will need to be willing to monitor and maintain the area, as well as to be willing to intervene later if symptoms worsen or persist...
Yes, its better to have them removed while you are young. They eventually cause lots of problems and the older you get, the harder they are to remove and have greater chance for complications.