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One of my molars is severely worn down. Can this be repaired?

I tend to chew on the left side of my mouth and I've noticed that one of my left molars is very worn down. It doesn't hurt and there's no cavity there, but it feels strange. Can this worn-down molar be fixed? If it can, what's the process for fixing it?

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Yes you can have that restored. There are a few procedures ranging from $224 to 1274 for a crown
First get your bite corrected. That means a trip to the orthodontist. Then correct your worn down molar. The problem will only get worse with age.
It depends on the severity of the wear. In most cases it can be fixed by filling in the wear or by putting a crown on the tooth. Chances are you have many other teeth that are worn as well and they might need similar treatment.
This occurs in many people through use or grinding. In short, yes this can be fixed. It may not be a simple solution however. If the tooth is in contact when biting and chewing a crown can be placed, however, this will shave away much of the tooth structure. If the tooth is in contact and you place a crown on the tooth with minimal preparation, you are looking at a full mouth rehabilitation. I would suggest discussing this with your current dentist for evaluation and more thorough explanation of what can be done.
Sounds like you need a full coverage crown on that tooth. That should fix it right up!
Yes it can most likely be repaired. As for the specific treatment a lot more than just saying it is worn down is needed to make the proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Your teeth need to be looked at by a dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
It can be repaired, but first find out why it wore done and address the cause rather than just treating the symptom. You don't want other teeth to also wear down. Find a dentist who understands Occlusion.
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Yes, there's ways to fix it, however, it's not simple just to fill it up; there are lots of facts that we need to consider, e.g., your bite relation, opposing tooth, and cause of wear. My advice is to go visit your dentist and have a proper consultation and treatment plan.

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Dr. Chun-I Lee
You may need a filling. Or, in case the tooth is so severely worn down that a filling will not be strong enough, you may need a crown or cap to cover it. You also need to find out why the tooth got worn down so much in the first place. It may be that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, in which case you probably should also get a bite guard to wear when you
sleep. Talk to your dentist to find out more.
No more so than you could make tighter 1 spoke in a wheel. Your tooth are like dominoes and without knowing the time frame involved it's possible your other teeth has shifted and this is the result of an orthodontic problem that is come later life as a result of not having treated it when you were an adolescent and still growing. I would consult an orthodontist.
Worn down teeth can be fixed by a number of ways. But you need to address why it’s worn down. Otherwise it will occur again. Please see you dentist for exam and a plan.

Dr Jensen
Yes, there are ways to repair worn teeth. Protective covers (onlays) can be used for this very purpose. 2 visits are needed after consultation to prepare the tooth, temporize it for the time frame needed for the dental lab to produce it. The follow-up visit bonds the onlay to the tooth.
Depending on how worn down it is, it can be repaired with some composite, but most likely an Onlay or full coverage crown will be best to repair long-term.

Owen M. Waldman, DMD